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Sarah Jane Smith
I am not nor have I ever been Sarah Jane Smith or Lis Sladen. The former still belongs to the BBC, alas, and the latter is not owned by anyone but herself. This is a journal created for oncoming_storms rp and muse comm for role-playing and prompt writing. This journal may contain content of a sexual nature and should not be read by minors.

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Name of character: Sarah Jane Smith
What book, episodes or movie did your muse appear in: TV: Doctor Who: The Time Warrior through The Hand of Fear, The Five Doctors, School Reunion, The Stolen Earth/Journey's End, Spinoffs: K9 and Company, Downtime, Sarah Jane Adventures: All Episodes. Audio: BBC Audio: The Ghosts of N-Space, The Paradise of Death, Sarah Jane Adventures audios, Big Finish: Sarah Jane Smith. Other: Various spinoff novels and comic books/strips, in a variety of ranges.
Sarah's parents died while she was a baby, leaving her to be raised by her Aunt Lavinia, who loved her but was not very present in Sarah's life. When she was fourteen, her best friend Andrea died, falling from a pier. Sarah failed to save her.

Sarah grew up opinionated and determined to succeed in a male dominated field. Masquerading as her aunt, Sarah infiltrated a UNIT investigation in search of a story. Believing the Doctor was responsible, she sneaked into the TARDIS. This was the beginning of a beautiful partnership. Though she often grumbled about his ability to steer the TARDIS, he knew he could always lure her back in with sweet talk about the wonders of the universe.

She travelled with the Doctor for years, through a regeneration and a myriad of adventures. When he was called back to Gallifrey, he had to leave her behind, though in true Doctorish fashion, he managed to drop her off in Aberdeen rather than South Croydon.

Sarah continued with her investigative work on her own, particularly cases involving extraterrestrial elements and accumulating several companions of her own along the way. She ran into the Doctor on and off: during the Five Doctors, and in several (book and comic strip canon) adventures with the Seventh Doctor. She also had to avoid crossing paths with herself and the Fourth Doctor at least twice (System Shock/Millennium Shock). She may have met the Eighth Doctor as well, but this timeline may have been overwritten by the Time War.

For the most part she concentrated on her career, until a conspiracy ruined her reputation. She had no idea that this was just part of a larger picture, involving a doomsday cult with two factions both of which considered her to be their Herald. Things came to a head in a space shuttle called the Dauntless. The story of how she survived has not yet been told.

Given the tangles of her canon, it's unclear why she acted the way she did when she ran into the Tenth Doctor. It may have been the stress of what happened at Dreamland and having no one to talk to about it.

Most recently, she has adopted a son and she continues to investigate strange happenings with him and his friends.

Much of her background is drawn from the Big Finish audio plays. Note that these links contain very detailed summaries of the audios with spoilers.
1.1 Comeback
1.2 The TAO Connection
1.3 Test of Nerve
1.4 Ghost Town
1.5 Mirror,Signal,Manoeuvre

2.1 Buried Secrets
2.2 Snow Blind
2.3 Fatal Consequences
2.4 Dreamland


I'm Sarah Jane Smith, formerly investigative journalist for Metropolitan Magazine, and assistant and travelling companion of the Doctor, the Herald of the Orbus Pastremo - or so Josh tells me, and the town eccentric in Ealing, West London.

My life is dangerous. Always. I chose this life or perhaps it chose me. I've made enemies over the years who would make your hair curl, and I'm certain there are more waiting in the wings. But the thing that is most dangerous for me is letting people into my life. My world isn't safe for them, but when they're around, I start to care, and I let my own defences down. It's easier not to realise how isolated I've become when there's no one else around.

Nat and Josh have both been hurt, thanks to me. I'm a fool to fall again, to let Maria, Clyde, Rani and Luke into my life, but seeing the Doctor again made me realise that I needed to reach out to other people, the way he does despite his dangerous lifestyle. I always looked up to him; when did I become him. But I told him life was worth the pain, perhaps it's time I started listening to myself.




Large handbag with sonic lipstick, notebook, several pens and pencils, car keys, swiss army knife, mobile phone, eyeglasses, several fake ids, tissues, hair brush, wallet with a variety of bills and coins (mostly but not entirely pounds and pence), adding up to about 74 pounds in total, credit cards and driving license in her own name, photos of Luke and his friends, Harry Sullivan, Nat & Josh, lockpicks, regular lipstick and possibly a few other things buried at the bottom that she's forgotten about.

adventure, cheesy seventies fashion, crimson chapter, daft metal dogs, journalism, orbus postremo, police boxes, sonic lipstick, sonic screwdrivers, the doctor, unit, white chapter